Dear supporters,

Summer is in full swing and so are we. Therefore we can proudly announce our new pins on the Brandenburg map: Cottbus and Fürstenberg an der Havel! 💜

In many places there are accommodations that are more in the forest than in the village. Long distances, no safe sidewalk, rarely a bus…. We have to do something here! So, we grabbed our bikes, looked for a train connection and off we went. The joy and motivation of the participants was so great that after a short time the first laps could be done alone. Chapeau!

And also in Cottbus we have to announce successfully a new training place. With many network partners, volunteers and even a friendly place in a traffic garden. Thanks to all who supported us. Currently, one of our main focuses is more in rural areas, wide land, little public transport. What is urgently needed there???

And so we can say again with joy: Yeaaah, they cycle alone!!!🤩🚴♀️ Contactless learned at crisp temperatures. We are totally proud of everyone involved. Because, in the meantime, the former students have become really good trainers. It won’t be long before we’re cycling to the next ice cream parlor.

For your information, our big open trainings in Berlin-Kreuzberg are currently on break. However, we were able to successfully advise many online and directed them to the youth traffic schools. During the week, in the afternoons, they are open to everyone free of charge. And, we also get good feedback that it is well received.

We are currently overrun with training requests from other institutions, associations, agencies, etc., which we cannot handle. – We can’t cope with that.
In addition, there are the many mails, how does it work? Much can be found on the net, even with videos.
Or try it out yourself, it is not sooo difficult 😉

So far from our hot cycling summer, please take good care of yourselves and others. Continue to be in solidarity.

Dearest greetings from the entire team #BIKEYGEES 🚴♀️😘