Cycling training for (refugee) women

The #BIKEYGEES e.V. offers cycling lessons for women and girls. This includes not only practical cycling training, but also multilingual traffic lessons and bike repair basics.

We started in September 2015 as a small empowerment project, and in the meantime we have grown into a non-profit association for educational and integration work.

We help to break down borders: origin, religion, status are unimportant. Every woman in the world should be able to cycle. And may.

We finance ourselves as much as possible through donations and can only do our work together with our many volunteers, whom we thank with all our hearts.


Winner of the
German Bicycle Award 2018

On 22. February 2018, our work with the 1st place of the German Bicycle Prize.

Training dates

** Due to corona prevention, all practical beginner training courses are currently on hold. Sorry, please always check here for updates. **
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The traffic school at Wassertorplatz is open under the week from mon-friday 2 – 6 pm. You can use the bikes and helmets there and the space for free. But bring someone with you to help.

Next open training date for women and girls aged 14 and over:

  • Sorry, actually NO BEGINNER TRAININGS in Kreuzberg (Corona-Prevention)

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Information on data protection, revocation, logging as well as the success measurement included by the consent can be found here.


We believe that cycling is a fundamental building block of the (back) acquisition of individual mobility of refugees / newcomers who have come to Berlin. Women in particular need support in this regard. Many paths are made on foot. They feel isolated in their accommodations. Cycling offers an obvious solution to explore the new living environment.

Therefore, beyond the intercultural aspect, it is important for us to see the possibility of cycling as a sustainable approach to ensuring mobility and independence. The initiative is intended to strengthen the perspectives and hopes of those who have lost their own space of action as a result of the loss of their homeland.

The association #BIKEYGEES e.V. with its holistic approach, he tries to combine a wide variety of aspects such as empowerment, independence, CO2-neutral mobility, outdoor movement, joie de vivre and shared experiences of success. In addition, he bridges the gap between physical exercise, exuberance and joy to the active use of the newly acquired vocabulary. The common goal leads to the reduction of fears of contact on all sides. It’s just damn fun. For all involved.

Foto: © Tanja Schnitzler

Quickly visible successes

women & girls on a bike

bike-sets handed over

realised bike lessons

Every woman in the world should be able to ride a bike. And be allowed to.


That was 2019! Thank you.

Dear allies, what a busy, fast-growing year we had.We were able to set up and steady new training facilities successfully.From Hohenschönhausen with free cycling training for advanced participants in the heart of Berlin, to the Wall Trail in Lichtenrade. We...

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Baking cookies

Dear friends, it's almost a beloved tradition: BAKING COOKIES.When it's cold and uncomfortable outside and the days get shorter and shorter, we like to slide together in a warm kitchen. Then we take out our bicycle sting moulds, let the year pass in review and spin...

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German Bicycle Award 2018

On 22. February 2018, our work with the 1st place of the German Bicycle Prize.

Active for Democracy and Tolerance 2017

The Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance against Extremism and Violence pays tribute to exemplary and worthy of civil society projects.

RESPECT wins! 2018

The Berlin Council for Democracy honours projects and people who are committed to a democratic and peaceful coexistence in Berlin.

Hatun-Sürücü-Price 2017

The Green Group in Berlin awards the Hatun-Sürücü Prize to initiatives that promote the self-determined lives of girls and women.


A complete team #BIKEYGEES photo probably never works, therefore simply partial gro up photos. Some are founding women, others have learned cycling with us and are now working as multipliers for us. Some have been there as fee-paying staff for a while. Some have an escape background, others don’t. But: we all like to ride bicycles!

Thank you for your support!


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