Dear supporters,
the Corona pandemic has shown everyone by now at the latest that cycling is not just about fun and empowerment. The bicycle became relevant to the system.
And so, in a way, did we. Thus, we can unapologetically say:
💜 2020 was the year of records. 🤩🚴♀️
In all areas: Bike trainings, bike sets and fortunately in support. In terms of numbers, we conducted a total number of 254 trainings in 2020. In the process, 169 women were put on bikes. Contact free!
In addition, after training and a small traffic theory exam, we were able to hand out 124 bike sets from donations (bike, helmet, lock and bright light) to the graduates.
In September we celebrated our 5th birthday. Of course, in many small groups and we can proudly say that since the beginning in 2015, a total number of 1,067 women got on a bike. For this purpose, 348 bicycle sets were handed out to the women. A total number of 475 cycling training sessions were held. 🤩🚴♀️ Absolute madness, without your support this would not have been possible. THANK YOU.

Unfortunately we have had to pause the monthly open training in Kreuzberg since March. It is with its crowds simply the “Berghain” of cycling schools and therefore not Corona-compliant to implement. And, as it looks right now, it will have to stay that way for a while.
Nevertheless, there were repair days, offers for the advanced and through intensive online advice and support even a self-sustaining mode was enshrined. The JVS said at least one student of ours came per day. Either with family or even alone to continue practicing.
What a great development. 💜🤩🚴♀️
Overall, it clearly benefited the advanced students. We had more time for individual coaching, bike tours and excursions. Always as was appropriate according to the current rules.

We were able to continue our offer in Brandenburg and even expand it with new locations, even beyond the large shelters. Thus, we also reached women without a refugee background, or those who have a recognition and already live in their own apartments. We were and are active in 7 locations. Newly added: Rathenow, Finsterwalde, Lychen.
Remained are: Wünsdorf, Eberswalde, Doberlug-Kirchhain, Prenzlau.
There were different models: multi-part self-contained cycles, 14-day training sessions and ongoing weekly training sessions. Brandenburg was again implemented with a lot of joy and verve, among other things with the development of the new non-contact cycling instruction model. We literally “talk the ladies onto the bike”.
💜🤩🚴♀️ The positive result: all those tested by Team #BIKEYGEES had “negative” test results at the end of the season. 💜🤩🚴♀️
And so, even in this difficult year, we can say with certainty that we have once again kept our promise: we quickly create visible sustainable results with maximum efficiency!
On that note, we wish you a great start to a healthy new year. Stay loud, stay visible and stay in solidarity. But with distance.
🤩🚴♀️ #cyclingunites #lovewillwin #cyclingisahumanright 💜
Best regards from the whole Team #BIKEYGEES 🚴♀️😘