Dear friends,

We’re looking back at an eventful and fulfilling year. We’d love to thank all of you:

For your tireless effort in helping at our cycling training sessions, the overwhelming encouragement and acknowledgement for what we do. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

In 2016, we facilitated a total of 20 training sessions for female refugees. About 7 supporters joined us per session. Altogether, we were cruising over 250 hours on several cycling tracks. The training sessions helped more than 269 women, most of them female refugees, to learn how to ride a bike. We also introduced them to local traffic regulations. At the end of a full training session, a total of 43 female beginners were ready to hit the road on own bikes that we handed out to them. They were now ready to keep cycling and discovering Berlin on their own terms. On top of that, we provided them with helmets, locks and ownership certificates for their new bikes. When we were not hosting training workshops, we attended media events, spoke to people about our donation program and showed women how to fix their bikes.

2016 had certainly many highlights but we would like to bring out the following two: We participated in Life Run and joined the third Charity Run for Refugees at Tempelhofer Feld. Both were headed by the women, who have been fearlessly joining our cycling sessions over the last year.

Those stories keep pushing us to make #bikeygees even bigger and establish our network in 2017. In the new year, we keep calling for volunteers to join us and help out at our open training sessions at Wassertorplatz 1, every third Sunday / month. We could not make this happen without you.

Moreover, German insurance company R+V supports six projects with up to 70.000 EUR. If you wish to support #bikeygees, please vote for us by January 8, 2017. All they ask for is three minutes of your time and a (fake) email address.

Have a great start to the new year!