While in March we were still training with below-zero temperatures, April already brought us a bright and shining sun!

70 women cyclists from all over the world came together to learn how to ride a bike or to support those who were learning. Among them, we had new Berliners from: Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Iraq, USA, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Kosovo, Egypt, France, Iran, Togo and Germany.

We are always happy to see how people actively participate in the trainings, how much fun the women have together, and how everyone always learns something new. Additionally, during the last training session, we were able to provide five bike sets to those women who have learned with us cycling and traffic rules.

We continue to raise money for a workshop in Brandenburg. This allows us to reach those women who don’t have opportunity to join our trainings in Berlin. The organization of the workshop and of the transportation, as well as finding volunteers on site require a great team effort. Every euro helps us!