A busy year is behind us. These were our greatest successes:

– We were able to carry out 69 bike trainings until today! Even in December with the rain and very low temperatures, we had 40 participants and volunteers attending our workshops, riding their bike, learning road and traffic rules, changing tires and having great fun together.

499 women have learned to ride a bike with us. We have handed over 98 bike sets to our successful participants so far!

– We received two prizes in 2017: The Hatun-Sürücü Prize which recognizes our commitment to girls and young women, and the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance, an initiative of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, awarded to us for our exemplary work. These are amazing recognition for our project!

Thank you very much for your donations! You are really helping every woman who learns to ride a bike with us!

Next week we will continue with the first bike training in the new year – even if it’s snowing.


Best regards!

Your #BIKEYGEES team