Dear supporters of #BIKEYGEES e.V.,

We celebrated our 3rd birthday with great joy and with about 120 visitors.

For sure, during these years, we all exercised and cycled quite a lot and so many amazing results were achieved in every training session! Cycling is great fun for all our participants and everyone always learns something new, even to ride their own bike…after some assiduous practice!! Thanks to your support during our training sessions, we even collected a record number of ten bike sets, among other things. A big THANK YOU to all of you!

As you know, the need for an independent mobility knows no seasons and, thanks to your donations and support, we keep training throughout the year! Every euro helps us to continue!

We wish you all a great autumn, with many happy sun-leaves-bike tours!

#cyclingisfreedom #SichtbareVeränderungenSofort

Best regards!

Your #BIKEYGEES team